Book Binding Services (Perfect Binding)

We provide book binding (perfect binding) services to other printing companies, businesses or individuals. (Perfect Binding is the process of applying a special adhesive to the edge of the pages of a book, and then adhering those pages to an outside cover, clamping the cover in such a way as to make a square-back edge.)

There are no minimum quantities.

We can bind as few as 2 sheets of paper and up to a maximum thickness of 2-inches.

We can bind single sheet documents or folded press signatures.

We can provide the collating of your printed pages, or we can use your pre-collated sets.

The maximum binding edge would be 12-inches. If the binding edge is less than 7-inches, please contact us for special instructions for minimum cover specifications.

Each book will be finish trimmed, trimming off a minimum of 1/8" for top, bottom and sides. The glue edge of the book will have 1/8" ground off before applying the cover.

Paper CAN make a difference in durability of the finished book. It is recommended that the grain of the text should run parallel with the spine so that the pages want to fall open easily instead of needing to be "held down" while reading. Also, heavier stock papers are not recommended for text pages as they will put more stress on the binding edge. Glossy paper on inside pages are not guaranteed but should work in most cases.

Occasionally we have customers who want the majority of their books perfect bound, but want SOME books bound with a stay-flat option of plastic comb binding or plastic spiral binding. We provide these services as well, so just let us know how you want your order split and which color of plastic combs or plastic spirals.

Call or write for a quote on your specific project.