A number of our customers have begun asking if we can convert their books to eBooks suitable for reading on Kindle, Nook, iPad and other devices. The answer is YES! We have the capability and experience necessary to convert your book to eBook format and provide you with guidance on how to submit your eBook to Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble (Nook) and Apple (iBooks). We can take your Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, or other document and convert to both .mobi (Kindle) and ePub formats for submission to the appropriate resellers or even for sale on your own web site or the Country Pines online store. The .mobi file we provide you with is ready to upload to the Kindle Store with no other processing required. The .mobi file can also be loaded to your Kindle device via a USB cable (just drop it in the documents folder) as well as to your Kindle App on an iOS or Android device for proofing. The ePub file we provide to you is ready for upload to Barnes and Noble through their PubIt web site or to Apple’s iBookstore (it can also be added to your Nook, Nook App, iBooks App, Sony Reader device, etc. for proofing).

Ask us for a price quote today. Our prices are based on the time it takes to convert the book into an eBook, which can vary depending on the content of the book. If the book is straight text with very little formatting, the cost will be less than a highly formatted book which contains a lot of poetry or bulleted lists, blockquotes, etc.


A common question regarding eBooks is: do I need a separate ISBN for my eBook? The answer depends on how you plan to sell the book. Amazon’s Kindle Store, for example, does not require a separate ISBN for eBooks. They will assign an ASIN code to the book, and if you also have a physical book (paperback or hardback) for sale on Amazon.com, they will try to match the eBook with the physical book in their catalog so that the customer will see both options when searching for your title (if they do not successfully match the two versions, you can request that they do this by giving the appropriate information for each version). If you plan to sell your eBook through Barnes and Noble (Nook) or Apple iBooks (or both) and possibly other venues, then you will definitely need an ISBN number that is specific to the eBook. Neither company will sell your eBook without a dedicated ISBN.

If you have other questions about our eBook services, just give us a call or drop us an email.