Job Submission

We are a full-service printing company. Therefore we can take your ideas and wording and format/design your project, whether it is a bookmark, postcard, flyer, brochure, book etc. We have several options for submitting your items to us to be used for designing your product for you. You can mix any of these methods according to what is easiest for you depending on the items you need to get to us to work with.

We will also accept files which you have already created or had created for you, so long as your file is compatible with one of our programs, or your file can be output by you into an acceptable file format with a high enough output quality for printing.

To Send Photos:

If you have digital photos to submit (Note: High resolution photos will print much better and look much sharper than low resolution photos.), you may . . .

  1. Email them to us at, but make sure that the total file size per email does not exceed 9mb. It is fine to attach one picture per email, or, depending on file size of the pictures, you may attach several pictures per email.
  2. Use our “File Submission” option through this web site (click on the "File Submission" link found in the left navigation for further instructions). Please email or call to obtain the username and password for uploading files on our website.
  3. Save your pictures to a CD, DVD, or ZIP DRIVE and mail to us.
  4. Actual photos can be mailed to us to be scanned and used in the finished product. All photos will be returned after the completion of the job. NOTE: If the photos are non-replaceable you may want to insure them. We are not responsible for lost or damaged mail. We do our best to preserve the integrity of all photos once they are within our facility, but cannot guarantee their safety to or from us and you.

To Send Text:

Text for all items, whether a postcard, flyer or book manuscript, can be submitted by . . .

  1. Email – attach your word document to your email message. Note: The total file size of a single email message must not exceed 9mb, but several email messages can be sent containing multiple smaller file sizes. If you are just needing to send the wording for a postcard, flyer, etc., it is also fine to just include it in the email message instead of attaching a separate word file.
  2. Using our “File Submission” option (click on "File Submission in the left navigation) you can upload your file so long as we have a compatible program so that we can open your file. Please email or call to obtain the username and password for uploading files on our website.
  3. Saving your file to 3 ¼ disk, CD, DVD, or ZIP DRIVE and mail to us.
  4. Mail -- If you only have a paper copy of the text you want us to use, whether hand written or typed, you would need to mail it to us. NOTE: Please make sure you retain a copy for yourself in case your copy gets lost or damaged in the mail. We are not responsible for lost copy, so make sure you have another backup copy if needed.

To Send Design Ideas:

If you have a design already in mind, or have a sketch or sample design or color samples that you want us to go by, you will most likely need to mail them to us. Sketches can be faxed or mailed. Or if you have partially created a “general” design in a computer program that is compatible with our programs, you could email the file to us or send it by using the “File Submission” option so that we can open and review before starting your project. NOTE: It is unlawful to recreate or use previously copyrighted material unless you have written permission from the original copyright owner, so be sure you are using your own original material.

To Send Your Complete, Ready-to-Print Project:

If you have a Ready-to-Print file to submit, you can...

1. Prepare the file for sending to a Commercial Printer:

  1. MAC files need to be Stuffed or Zipped before sending in order to maintain their integrity with our receiving email computer. They can be uploaded using our “File Submission” option without being Stuffed or Zipped.
  2. Microsoft Publisher files should be prepared using the Pack-N-Go option before sending. If you have an older version without the Pack-N-Go option, you may send your .pub file but be sure to also send any pictures that are linked to your project.
  3. Adobe PageMaker has a plugin utility that says “Save for Service Provider” that will gather the fonts and linked files.
  4. Quark has a “Collect for Output” option that will gather the fonts and linked files needed.
  5. InDesign has a “Package” option that will gather the fonts and linked files needed.
  6. Any other programs using LINKED files, will need to be sure to include LINKED files, otherwise the quality of the linked pictures will reproduce at a very low resolution instead of the crisp quality which would be expected.
  7. Some programs are not compatible with commercial printing and can only produce a .pdf, .tif, or .jpg. These formats are acceptable so long as you can maintain a resolution high enough to reproduce an acceptable output file. We will contact you if you submit a low quality output file to confirm that you are aware that the results of the printed project may be less quality than they appear in your original file. For Example: .tif files (such as those created from PrintShop and similar programs) will reproduce the photos at a decent printing quality, but all the text will be very jagged and rough looking when they are converted from your original working file to a .tif or .jpg. So far, noone has been able to submit a high-quality file from these types of programs.
  8. Make sure that your print-ready document includes BLEED if any objects (photos, graphics, etc.) touch the edge of the document. If you are unsure, read our article on how to create bleed.

2. Send your finished file to us:

  1. Email – attach your file to your email message. Note: The total file size of a single email message must not exceed 9mb.
  2. Use our “File Submission” option. Please email or call to obtain the username and password for uploading files on our website
  3. Save your finished file to a CD, DVD or ZIP DISK and mail to us.

Proofing Options

(after we have designed the project and are ready for your review):

  1. Electronic Proofs by Email – We prefer sending a PDF proof to your email address which will allow you to more quickly receive this file. The PDF will show you the fonts, colors and overall formatting which you can review, proofread one more time, and then let us know what changes you would like made. Please note: PDF proofs are usually sent at screen resolution and are not intended to portray final print quality. Even though the PDF will display the colors designed, there are many instances where the colors showing on your monitor are not the colors we have designed due to the differences of a monitor’s color preference settings; if you are concerned about the colors you are viewing, you are welcome to discuss the colors with us or we can send a color proof by mail. PDF files can be opened using Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe.
  2. Laser Proofs – If you prefer, we can mail you a laser printed proof for you to review. You can then call with changes or mark any changes on your copy and return back to us for corrections.

Software We Support

(IBM-PC and/or MAC files accepted in many applications)
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PageMaker
Adobe Photoshop
Quark Xpress
Corel Draw
Corel Word Perfect
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Any .tif (.tiff) or .jpg file
PDF’s (Press Quality gives the best output)