Services We Provide

Appeal Letters and Information Packets

Have a fund raiser, appeal letter, information packet you need printed, collated or inserted into mailing envelopes, and mailed to your address database? We can provide the complete project from design, printing, inserting and mailing.


We also do book printing – saddle stitched, coil bound, GBC bound, perfect bound and case bound. If you have a training manual, research or study material, personal memoirs, poems, novel, cookbook, songbook, procedure manual or church journal, we would be glad to discuss the specifics and give you a preliminary price quote. If you want to get a more specific quote, we will be happy to review your text, even do a rough draft to get a closer idea of actual pages and final prices.

You can submit handwritten or typed copy on paper, or just a text file on computer media, or if you have already formatted your book to be exactly as you want the finished copy to be printed, we will try to work with your file.

If you need a cover designed, just provide the wording, pictures and any ideas you have and we will design your cover for you.

We can take your book from start to finish and ship to you, or mail out to your customers, based on your shipping or distribution needs.

If you want to list your book on our ONLINE STORE, we will sell on consignment at a 30% discount rate. For details about our LISTING GUIDELINES and CONSIGNMENT DETAILS, please review these items on our About Us page.

We can also convert your printed books to eBook formats (suitable for reading on Kindle devices and apps, Nook, iBooks, etc.).

Brochures, Flyers, Folders, Postcards, etc.

We can take your ad copy and pictures to create brochures, flyers, folders, postcards, or any other project you are interested in. Just let us know what ideas you have and we can design your printed piece per your specifications, send you an electronic proof, discuss and make any design and typographical changes to meet your need. Once completed we can print, mail or ship the completed project.

If you want to design your own project, we will try to work with your file. Please check with us to see if we can successfully output your file for our presses. You can even send us your preliminary file for a test run before you put all the finishing touches to your file and then find out it won’t work. See our listing of programs which we have worked with. Please contact us if your program is not listed.

CD Jewel Case Inserts, DVD Case Inserts, or Cassette Inserts

We can design and print your Inserts for you, then ship to you or your production company..

If you need CD DUPLICATION SERVICES, we have a closely affiliated company, Imperial Duplicators, which can provide CD Duplication from your master disk, assemble your Jewel Case Inserts, shrink wrap if needed – thus providing the completed, sellable project.

Also available from Imperial Duplicators, is the option to by-pass the cost of the printed insert by using your black and white, or full-color, high-quality design and printing directly onto the CD. Several people have taken this option, especially for fundraisers, copies of a special service at your church, door-to-door calling, etc.

Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards, Business Forms

Send us your wording, any ideas as to format or color scheme, or even a previously printed sample and we can create your company stationery and forms to your specifications.

Mailing Services

Want us to maintain your address database for you? Send us an initial list and then have all ongoing address changes, deletions and additions sent to us, and we will keep your address database current. We will be glad to send you a printed listing or an Excel Worksheet of your current database whenever you would like to have a copy of your address database.

Prefer to maintain your own address database? All you have to do is supply a current list when it is time for your next mailing. We accept several file formats from several different programs, and also, most programs will let you save your database as a comma delimited file (.csv) or tab delimited file (.txt). Just let us know what program and file options you are currently using and we can let you know, or send us a test sample for us to try.

We have a bulk rate permit that will keep your postage costs less than a first class stamp so long as you have at least 200 addresses on your list. If your church or organization currently has a non-profit mailing permit, please contact us and we will let you know how to maintain the non-profit postage rate even tho you are having us to mail from our post office.

Some of the advantages of having us to mail to your address database is the savings on total cost of postage and being able to have your mailing on its way to the address list even before the overages have been shipped. Instead of paying UPS to your address for the full shipment, and then addressing and mailing at that time, your mailing can be mailed from our facility (which usually is a cost savings due to our CASS certification mailing program), and then only paying the UPS for the amount of the copies over the list.

Proofing Options

Electronic Proofs – We prefer sending a pdf proof to your email address which will allow you to more quickly receive this file. The pdf will show you the fonts, colors and overall formatting which you can review, proofread one more time, and then let us know what changes you would like made. Please note: PDF proofs are usually sent at screen resolution and is not intended to portray final print quality.

Laser Proofs – If you prefer, we can mail you a laser printed proof for you to review. You can then call with changes or mark any changes on your copy and return back to us for corrections.

Software We Support
(IBM-PC and/or MAC files accepted in many applications)

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PageMaker
Adobe Photoshop
Quark Xpress
Corel Draw
Corel Word Perfect
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Any .tif (.tiff) or .jpg file
PDF’s (Press Quality gives the best output)

File Submissions can be sent by:
FTP or E-mail
Zip Drive
3 ¼ Diskette